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Rules for mixes ( in case you do not follow up, we will denie) :

1 ) The mix need to be 1 hour

2) The format need to be 128 Kb mp3

3) The metadata need to be like this example ( a professional dj knows how ) :

Dj Gianni de Santis – Soulful mix 43.mp3

so… Your name – name of your mix.mp3

NOT : Gianni de Santis-Soulful mix 43.mp3

so… NOT : Your name-name of your mix.mp3

4) You can introduce yourself in the mix, f.e. `This is DJ Gianni de Santis mixing live for Soulfulradio…) Max. 10 seconds !

Rules for photos and biography

Your photo + name and your biography is free, and for social media links, we ask you 5 € a month (1 payment of 60 € a year )

Send us an email with :

1) Photo need to be horizontal & vertical the same amount of pixels f.e. 300x300 dpi or 400x400 dpi or 500x500 dpi or 600x600 dpi

2) Your DJ name

After paying you can also send :

2) Your links  : Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instangram and Youtube

You can have your fix hour on Soulfulradio

F.e. Friday night we can play your mix at about 09.00 – 10.00 ( 10 € each per week, 40 € per month )



Download Soulfulradio jingles for your mixes :