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DJ Big Rob ( NYC - USA )

Househead from NYC, Grew up listening to Tony Humphries, Shep Pettibone, Omar Santana, and the Latin Rascals on the radio. They played everything from House to electro pop, nu wave to freestyle. But Tony Humphries and the house sound grabbed my heart. That fostered my desire to DJ. Started DJing in clubs in NYC in the 90’s after Oscar P let me open for him. Gave it up for awhile but now I’m back and the beat never stops. See you on the Dance floor.


Romain Villeroy ( Swiss )

Andrea Cecchini ( IT )

“Hi, I’m Andrea Cecchini, passionate about Music, in particular House and Soulful house.I started my career as” DJ “in the mid-80s, influenced by funky, soul and blues.
After spending a few years playing in some nightclubs in northern Italy at the end of the 90s I move to the Romagna coast where for some years I continue to put records and make dance.
At the end of the 2000s, with a group of musician friends, I formed a group and selected in my most refined and refined music sets. I have collaborated with several Italian and foreign radio stations.
My favorite artists are: Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, Loleatta Holloway, James Brown and as a DJ I can only mention Frankie Knuckles, Lil Louis and Marco Trani.
Greetings to all and always remember to listen to Good Music.
Love Music People !!! “

Producer Ted Peters ( ES )

After selling his computercompany in the Netherlands in 1999 Ted Peters moved to Spain and spent over 35.000 hours producing music in his private studio MF-Records in Roses/Spain with Logic Studio for several dj’s in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, United States, South America and under his own artist brand names like Soul-Ty, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, TedjeP Soulful House, Soulful-Cafe, Soulful-Women, Dreadboxx, Bahia de Roses, Kingstone, Bahia Lounge, Soulful-Cafe ft Stanyos Young, Deep X, Groovy People, Groove Nation, Paradise Nation, Ted Peters & Dj JaBig, IbizaHouseAttack and Ted Peters & Angellisa

Through his studio work he has the availybility about the best musicians.

The styles are dance | soulful house | disco-funk | reggaeton | reggae | lounge | chill out | house and Deep House

Owner of Music labels : MF-Records, Soulful-Cafe, Deephouse Amsterdam, Piña-Records, Soultymedia, Groovetto ( co owner with Dj JaBig )

Dj M'DeaFenix ( Ukraine )

M’DeaFenix started her music career in the summer of 1999 under the name of Maxxy. She stood behind the decks for the first
time in a club in Kiev and Budapest, right after graduation.
Her music genres:Acid Jazz,Jazzy House, Deep, Soulful, Tech and Funky House.
In 2001, she played multiple times as the favourite resident in local clubs and discos like the Capella, Medusa and under the
college years, in the old Highlife disco.
Later her music career attracted her to foreign holiday resorts, among other things, in the summer of 2003 she was invited to
one of the most popular and prestigious club: Pacha Ibiza. She released her first progressive tech-house single “Degree 2003”
in this year. Afterwards, she worked together abroad with Eddy G, Kevin Yozt and Soul Avantgarde. From 2005 to 2007 she
played excusively in beach clubs, including the following countries: Greece, Spain, Australia (Geelong), Bulgaria, Italy and in the
capital of her motherland Ukraine, Kiev.
From the summer of 2009, she started to become her own music producer and released her deput track “Star in over”, under the
label of her acquaintance. She has been making remixes of her own music and other performers like Full Intention, Kiez Kidz,
Kenny Bronson, Omar Jarnier, Madonna, Elena Gheorghe, Jody Watley, Thea Austin, David Camel and Roisin Murphy.

DJ Gianni de Santis ( IT )

Be in Love and in Music” is Gianni de Santis’s motto because there can not be love without music and there can not be music without love.
He was born musically with fusion jazz; lover of disco music in the late eighties is the protagonist of discos in the most fascional places in northern Italy. Since the birth of the soulful house tries to propose and spread it as well as exclusive clubs, even by radio. He has worked with radio stations as a speaker-dj. He has had masters of excellence both Italian and across the border until arriving at a prolific collaboration with and, especially with Ted Peters.

Cesare Maremonti ( Italy )

Cesare Maremonti MusicSelector is a name and a definition to identify myself as a music lover who has
always listened to and experimented with multiple musical genres in his selections. I started at the age of
17 working in various radio stations in my city Matera where I worked as a sound engineer, program
creator and advertising, as well as responsible for the programming! The transition to live phonic with
Jazz and Reggae music bands was natural and encouraged me to experiment with musical selections in
many small clubs since the 90s, offering at the time the Acid jazz of which I am a connoisseur.
After a break of a few years, the desire to resume radio collaborations and to confront myself with more
realities on the web led me to collaborate with many web radios from all over Europe and receive many
certificates of esteem and followers from all over the world !!!
My currently selected music is the elegant Soulful, sober and sung passing to the Deep that never forgets
the Black and Soul influences that have formed me from a young age !!!
Don’t call me Dj … the real ones could be offended, for me the important thing is to make you understand
my musical path from the first to the last minute of my sets !!!
Cesare Maremonti Music Selector


Dj Spivey ( USA )

It was 1980 in Detroit Michigan where I first fell in Love with this Music. I was 13 years old and the Music of Choice for Me and
my Friends was Progressive Dance Music. We didn’t know it at the time but We were actually creating a Musical Lifestyle of
sorts that would follow many of us the rest of our lives.
Sure there would be periods when no music was bought and no new mixes were produced, but time would go by and before
you knew it This Music Thing would just Grab hold to Me again…
In 2012 My Musical Journey started again! This dance music would prompt me to start mixing on the web via my YouTube
Channel now with over 25K followers, and Soundcloud with over 4K and counting… This music would even take me far away as
Beijing China to DJ (Twice). I’m really excited now more than ever because I am are currently living in Miami producing a
number of remix edits and working the production end of things and plan to own and operate my first long overdue Music Label:
“Soulmate Recordings” So as they say in The Music Game: “Stay Tuned!”

Miss Ken D ( Ireland )

My names Miss Ken.d – I am Irish – Based in Poznan – Poland. I started Djing in the mid 90’s 95/96 – my first
residency was the Love Lounge of Mor Disco every tuesday night – Myself and my partner Mr P were of the
founders of National award winning, Pirate station Radio Friendly 104.6fm On Friendly I hosted ‘An Urban
Groove’ 5 nights a week. I was Resident dj in Soulsides sundays at the Cork Opera House – With Soul
legend UK’s finest Dr Bob Jones, this was my favourite gig ever and the way the two rooms combined live
music and dj vibes was great, right up my street and the crowd were special and amazing, openminded
musically savy, always so much fun to play for. For the last few years I have been busy being a mum – I never
stopped collecting music. In 2016 I started to make a weekly radio show once again – ‘An Urban Groove’ –
Going out in Poland – Ireland and Italy – International house music on your radio – combining music from all
over the globe – music with a soulful vibe. Old and new music – eclectic styles, bringing elements of afrohouse
– jazz soul and disco – with lots of vocals – Happy uplifting music to groove to.

DJ Momplè ( S. Africa )

Simone Miss-dj Momplè…..For me it is an honor to introduce you to my great friend, beautiful girl, intelligent and … very good choreographer-dancer, friend and collaborator of
Simone Momplé is driven and passionate individual who is not afraid of being the first to do something!
I have become a dancer, choreographer and creative director through various projects. I produce my own dance concept videos for social media and also have a feature-length documentary film coming out this year called ‘GODANCE™’. My company name is GODANCE™ (slogan: being YOU in a world of them) and I recently launched my own gear too! ‘Moving thru Dance’ is a dance programme I have created and coordinated, exploring various aspects of dance for students at a University in South Africa. I also deejay and take part in other artistic work, such as commercials, music videos and various corporate gigs. Voices of the South is a vlog I started with my friends this year, where we discuss hip hop culture and other things in the music industry.
I am currently completing my Master Degree in Psychology. My research topic focuses on Dance Psychology. My passion lies with youth development, dance and psychology. My goal is to get the world dancing again, by moving dance into spaces where it is not expected!


DJ KpS Soul ( Greece )

Hi to all Soulful & House Peeps my name is Konstantin Psomiadis or KpS Soul for the Upcoming Funk Tunes from me !! I am also a Musician and Music Producer .Born and grow up in Germany for over 20 years. My First steps in Soul – Funk was at 1975 just 12 years old and at 14 year in 1977 with 50 little 45 Vinyls was my first steps djing and until 1982 i haved in my collection over 1000 Vinyls. So i count over 40 years Music experience .I have played Music to death !! So no comments required LoL >:) I wish to all People Producers,Djs,Musicians my very best on !! Because music is our way of life !!!

Lia Jensen ( Spain )

Lia Jensen is a young Spanish DJ who started DJing on vinyl in 2005 when she was 15 . She started playing the violin in clubs in 2009 and later she decided to devote herself to DJ sessions with his violin, all at the same time. Her technique acquired with vinyl is what makes you not indifferent. Also she is producing new Soulful & Deephouse music with Soulfulradio owner Ted Peters, the first album release is a fact :

DanoDe ( Italy )

It’s really easy to say, “Oh, what a beautiful voice!” but DanoDe ‘is a bit more … she has soul !!! Soulful
house interpreter and author, she will be a very important collaborator of
Listeners love her soft and warm voice.
She write in italian and in english for dj and producers.

DJ DWills ( USA )

Di’Nia Campbell aka DJ DWills

Although DJ DWills is new on the DJ scene, music has always been a huge part of her life.
Growing up in a small town north of Chicago, she was exposed to a lot of different music genres
but house music reigned supreme.
While in college at Central State University, she majored in communications, radio and TV and
was the music director for the college radio station. DJ DWills has always thought of herself as a
musical curator coming up with playlists for friends’ parties or even being that go to person for
suggestions on what music is hot.
For years she wanted to DJ but never took the necessary steps to do so until after becoming a
mom for the first time in her forties. Wanting to do something different and deciding to take a
chance, she enrolled in Scratch Academy in 2018 and has been slowing making her talents
known by djing small engagements in the Atlanta area.
Having lived in Atlanta since the early 90s, DJ DWills has witnessed the music scene explode,
opening opportunities to pursue her dreams as a DJ and beyond. Her passion for music is the
driving force behind wanting to strive to be a contender in this male dominated arena. Her
mission is to inspire other women of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their dreams no matter
where they are in life.


DJ Titico ( Brasil )

Hello, My name is Jailson Costa, better known by DJ Titico. I am soteropolitan, Baiano born in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. I started my career as a DJ in 1988 with a musical genre born in the United States in the 1980s (Freestyle). I used to go to clubs and dance parties and parties, where I met influential people in the disc jockey world. I started to like House Music listening to the House versions of the freestyle records, it was passion the first laugh music. I’m a fan of producers DJ Spen, Richard Earnshaw, Frankie Knuckles, Little Loui Vega, it was easy to like house music like that. laughs laughs. I am currently working on an excellent European project, under the dominion of Master Ted Peters in his web Radio:, and other projects here in Brazil with presentations in parks, cocktail parties and picnics. So I follow my path where the big star is MUSIC.


DJ Pancho ( Japan )

DJ Pancho began his DJ career in mid 80’s as resident DJ at numerous Soul music clubs.
In 2005, his new credit, DJ Pancho, was introduced and diversified his DJ activities into the world of House Music.
His expanded play style penetrated through boundaries of genre while he kept his focuses on his roots, the Soulful, Deep,Garage and Nu-Disco
DJ Pancho’s NYC influenced spirit and skills continues to grasp the hearts of his audience.
“House music is my heart and soul ” — DJ Pancho…

DJ Sandro Gomes ( BR )

Hello, I’m Sandro Gomes, known as DJ Sandro Gomes. I’m Brazilian, born in Salvador – Bahia. I started my career as a DJ in 1986 playing Freestyle, Black Music and Flash Back, I was influenced by the first cassette of songs by Michael Jackson and George Benson that I won as a gift from a friend. I played in some homes and private parties where I learned from the most to be a disc jockey. Today I dedicate myself to House Music, I like to play Soulful, Tech, Jackin, Nu Disco and Afro. I am a fan of the female vocals: Michelle Rivera, Paris Gray, Michelle Weeks, Charlotte OC and great queens of the past like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor and many other beautiful voices, productions such as Mark Di Meo, Richard Earnshaw, Frankie Knuckles , Opolopo, Little Loui Vega, Michele Chiavarini and others inspire me to play House Music. Currently being part of the team, European project, with the leadership of Ted Peters.

Iuri di Principe ( IT )

Iuri´s music style ranges between Afro-Latin-and Soulful house music.
Led by a strong music passion since early age, Iuri began attending drums classes, however his first steps into the music industry started when he had the chance to work as sound engineer and then as direcotr for a local radio station in his home town.

The latest releases on Ocean Trax and Union Records make Iuri immediately enter the chart arriving with Another day in top 10 Afro House.